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Sponsoring SUGDC is a super way to get more visibility for your company in the Washington DC area. We have over 1700 SharePoint professionals registered, and our monthly meetings that draw about 50 people. As a sponsor, you will be able to distribute printed materials and you are welcome to come to the meetings and network with our members. One sponsor brought their own convention booth and premium prizes to be raffled at the meeting. After the meeting, we can provide you with a copy of the attendee signup sheet.
We meet every second Thursday of the month. Depending on your level of sponsorship, there are opportunities to have a full 50 minute time slot to do a presentation about your products and services. In addition, every month you sponsor, you can make a 2 minute presentation at the opening of the meeting. 
Our sponsorship program includes a place on our meeting information page and this page (see left column)where we will put your logo and short write up (4-6 sentences) and link back to your site. Our web site is the #1 organic result on Google search for the term “washington sharepoint” or “sharepoint dc.” We will also include your information in e-mails we send out to remind members about our meetings.
63% of our regular attendees consist of government or govt. contractors, but we have a good number of commercial companies represented as well. Just over half our members have identified themselves as software developers, the other half are split between management, network/server admin, and content admin specialists. 


The Bronze package earns a logo and link on our web site. You can distribute materials at the meetings. This is a great value for small consulting firms that want to get some visibility in the SharePoint market. The price is $50/month.
The Silver package includes the benefits of the Bronze package, plus your sponsorship information is included in our monthly email meeting announcements: we have a 20% open rate that we can verify. You can’t get any better visibility for the price of $100/month.
The Gold package includes the benefits of the Bronze and Silver packages, plus you can enhance your backlink with relevant text to enhance your SEO score. You will have the opportunity to have a 2 minute presentation at the beginning of the meeting to highlight your products and services. If you sign up for 6 months or more at this level, you will be able to reserve a full 50 minute time slot to make a presentation to the members, plus you will also get an account on our web site to be a guest blogger.  The price is $195/month.
The Recruiter package is new and gives our HR professionals the opportunity to post job opportunities on our web site. Our site is the perfect place to reach a hyper-focused and local community of SharePoint professionals. Don’t wait for the monthly meeting – sign up now and get a head start growing your business. The price is $295/listing/month.
The Swag package is for companies that would like their name promoted verbally to the attending members of the meetings, and have some literature that can be distributed to the members. This package is a good way to get promotional items and software into the hands of real potential customers. If you provide items of value (books, conference pass, training, etc) you will get additional recognition on our sponsorship page. 
The Room sponsor has the same benefits as the gold package, but it is exclusive.
Special offer:  Sign up for 1 year and get a 10% discount!